Fat Freezing Belt

Giving you the toned and sculpted body you always wanted

We're so confident you'll love it we give you a 90-day money-back guarantee!
When buying you also get the BONUS all you need to track your progress!
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With the Fat Freezing Belts you can spot reduce stubborn fat where you want

  • Belly
  • Love handles
  • Bra marks 
  • Legs
  • Bum
  • Arms
  • Man boobs

 Save time by using it anywhere

  • Watching TV or Netflix 
  • In front of your laptop
  • Doing chores at home
Guaranteed results or your money back!

We are confident that you will see results!

We offer a full 90-day money back guarantee. To use the 90-day money back guarantee just contact us and we will let you know where to ship it to and we will refund you.


When buying you also get the BONUS all you need to track your progress! This includes tracking sheets, measuring tape and fat calliper


The product is one-size fit all. The belt is sufficient length for someone who is not obese. For a smaller circumference like a thigh you can wrap it several times. This will further improve insulation and is only positive.

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How fat freezing works

How Fat Freezing Belts (Cryolipolysis) work

1. Normal fat cells before freezing treatment

2. Fat cells crystalise when treated with cold from the belts

3. Crystalized fat cells die naturally through apoptosis

4. The body naturally dispose of dead cells through the lymphatic system leading to visibly less fat at the target area