Imagine if you could remove the most stubborn fat on your stomach, thighs or love handles without diet and exercise! If that sounds good, you should continue to read this blog post about Fat Freezing.

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing, or Cryolipolysis as it's also called, is a natural way to remove unwanted fat. The process is safe and effective in removing fat in the treated area. You do it from the comfort of your home, office, or special clinics. Cryolipolysis works by targeting and destroying fat cells. When you apply Fat Freezing on the area with fat cells, the fat cells will die and be removed from the body naturally.

Fat Freezing is not painful. You will experience minor discomfort during or after the procedure. The only discomfort you may feel is a slight tingling sensation.

Where can you use Fat Freezing?

You can use Fat Freezing pretty much anywhere you want on your body where you have unwanted fat. Areas include:

  • Stomach/belly
  • Thighs 
  • Love handles
  • Bra bulge
  • Buttocks
  • Arms (bingo wings)

Is fat freezing safe?

Fat Freezing is an entirely safe method to decrease unwanted fat. FDA approves the treatments in the USA. We have also had physicians verify the safety and effectiveness of our Fat Freezing Belts. 

As with all types of treatments, there is still a small risk that something can go wrong. Therefore, it's always recommended to discuss treatments with a doctor if you have any conditions that might impact the safety of the treatment. 

How does Fat Freezing work?

Fat Freezing is non-invasive and gives no downtime. That is why it is such a popular method to remove unwanted fat. 

  1. Normal fat cells before fat freezing treatment
  2. Fat cells crystalize when treated with cold from the freezing treatment 
  3. Crystalized fat cells die naturally through apoptosis
  4. The body naturally disposes of dead cells through the lymphatic system leading to visibly less fat at the target area. Some see results as soon as after 3 weeks, but the best results can be seen after 3 months. 


What type of Fat Freezing are there?

There are mainly two types of Fat Freezing, at home and in a clinic. Both are effective treatments to remove unwanted fat. Here we discuss some of the main differences. 

At home, Fat Freezing belts

Pros with at home fat freezing belts

The benefits of at-home Fat Freezing are that you don't need to leave your house and the price is much lower. You will also be able to use it at multiple body parts and even share it with a friend if you want.

Cons with at home fat freezing belts

The disadvantage is that you need to use it 3 times per week for up to 3 months at one location on your body to reach optimal results. However, the longer time will likely not be an issue as you can use it when you are in front of your laptop or watching TV.  

In-clinic fat freezing 

Pros with in-clinic fat freezing

The benefit with in-clinic Fat Freezing is that you can go there and do a treatment in around 1 hour, and then it's completed. It doesn't give you any downtime, and you can continue with the rest of your day as usual. 

Cons with in-clinic fat freezing

A single Fat Freezing session in a clinic can cost up to £350 for each application. Most people want to do more than one area. For example, the stomach area is divided into two areas, so it's at least two applications if you do the entire stomach. There is also a risk that you must have more than 1 application in the same area to reach your target results. This leads to multiple applications which often total thousands of £££. For many, this is prohibitively expensive. 


In conclusion, Fat Freezing works and is safe

Fat Freezing works and is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted fat wherever you want on your body. You can choose both home and in-clinic solutions. The main difference between at-home and in-clinical solutions is the time it takes and the price. 


To lose weight and fat most people do hours of exercise and stick to strict diets. Prime Science has created a Fat Burner Vest and Fat Freezing Belt that burns a lot of calories and freezes away fat without moving or exercising. This makes you lose weight and fat to achieve the body you always wanted while getting hours back and enjoying the food you love.

January 22, 2022 — Timmy Haman

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