By Dr Moin Iqbal GP

Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest: A Revolutionary Technology to Activate Brown Fat and Increase Calorie Burn by Cold Thermogenesis

Low carb diets, complicated workouts, and sufficient sleep are strategies adopted for weight reduction that is harder for people to maintain. Many give up or discontinue from sticking to this routine in the journey of weight loss. Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest is the latest technology that has opened gates to reduce weight and burn calories or fats effortlessly even while you’re relaxing or while doing any task.

How does Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) help in reducing weight?

Brown Adipose Tissue is a unique type of fat around the neck, collar bone, and upper back. BAT acts like the body’s thermostat and helps us keep warm. It generates heat by burning normal white fat in parts of your body and calories from what you have eaten. It also favours energy from the body fat as a fuel source compared to glucose in the bloodstream. Some studies suggest that activated BAT found in people burn up to 15% more calories.

Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest activates Brown Adipose Tissue increasing calorie burn

Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest is easy to use. This vest sits over the shoulders and has ice packs in it. The ice packs activate cold thermogenesis and the Brown Fat Adipose Tissue lying in this area. When brown fat is activated, it starts to burn more calories, even when you are stationary. Therefore, it acts as a self-accelerating diet or exercise program which is good for fat loss with very limited effort.

Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest is super easy to use!

Losing weight has now become easier. All you need to do is to wear the vest over your shoulder and tighten it with an elastic band for 1-3 hours per day for as many days you want every week. The cold packs in pockets of the vest initiate cold thermogenesis by activating brown adipose fat tissue and start burning calories and fats in different parts of your body instantly. You can wear it while doing any lower-level activity and it will be more effective when your body will be at a resting position.

Benefits of Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest

Some more benefits obtained by wearing the vest are as follows:

  • Improved immunity of cells that fight against harmful germs by exposure to cold thermogenesis
  • Increase metabolism and calorie burn by increased blood glucose and fat burn
  • Improved insulin sensitivity enhances the body's capability to use blood glucose efficiently by the reduction of excess body fat
  • Rapid muscular repair and recovery through activation of the hormone Adiponectin
  • Increases longevity and body cells health by reducing the growth of mTOR pathways

An innovative solution to increase your calorie and fat burn

Weight loss is not a journey to get a fabricated body instead it’s a crucial aspect to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest is an innovative solution-oriented product designed in a super comfortable shape and a solution-wear for weight reduction. It activates brown fat that burns excess calories and fats effortlessly, becoming a getaway from the disappointment of no reduction in weight after adopting a strict routine.

Dr Moin Iqbal GP