Are you struggling to reach your goals as fast as you would like?

It doesn’t have to be like that! 

To reach your goals conventional wisdom says you have to:

Make slow progress 

Endure a long grind 

Only see results after years of effort

Imagine Being Able To Boost Strength & Endurance And Getting Results You Have Never Seen Before!

Reach your goals faster

Lift more

Do more pull-ups and dips

Run for longer

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Remove Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Immediate performance increase with the Peak Performance Bar

Imagine seeing improvements from the first time you use it, and you continue to improve every time you exercise. Studies have shown that palm cooling makes you perform better the first time you use it. The studies also show a huge continuous improvement in as little as a few weeks. 

An NFL player increased the amount of Dips by 92% in one session. If an NFL player in top peak condition can make those gains, imagine what you can do! 

This is the fastest way to reach your goals money can buy.

Using the Peak Performance Bar is as easy as holding a water bottle!

This is the easiest performance-enhancing tool you will ever use. Using the Peak Performance Bar is as easy as holding a water bottle in the palms of your hands. 

It is literally that easy to use it. 

To get it ready it’s as easy as filling up your water bottle. Then you check if the temperature is right. If it is you just hold it in your hands.

If it’s too warm you put in an ice stick in it like you put an ice cube in a drink and it will get to the perfect temperature. 

That’s all you have to do!

How the Peak Performance Bar works

The Peak Performance Bar is a palm cooling device that cools down your body when you hold it in your hands. This can be done between sets at the gym or any other time your hands are free. 

Holding the palm cooling device in your hands cools down your blood, which is quickly pumped around in your body, cooling down your working muscles. When your working muscles are cooler they can work out for longer. 

When you use the palm cooling device you will also feel less fatigued. This means you will enjoy your workouts even more! 

It’s the only palm cooling device in the world that bas both a temperature indicator and ability to keep cool for workouts up to an hour and longer. 

The technology is so revolutionary so it has a patent pending.

Palm cooling has a huge impact on performance

In a number of studies and test palm cooling has shown to have a huge impact on your performance.  You can lift heavier for longer and do cardio for longer! 

Fantastic results from palm cooling

  • 144% increase in the number of pull-ups performed in just 6 weeks in trained individuals 
  • 26% increase in the total amount of weight lifted in bench press in only 3 days for individuals with an average of 10 years of lifting experience 
  • 201% increase in dips performed in only 4 weeks by an NFL player 
  • 25% increase in endurance 

The reason why you can’t continue to lift or run is often not that your muscles are fatigued. The reason is that your body don’t want to overheat, because if we overheat we can die. 

To stop us from overheating and the risk of dying evolution has ensured our muscles stop producing energy when we get warm. So if you can systematically cool down your body you can lift more and do cardio for longer. 

This has fantastic implications when you know how to cool down your body. 

The best way to cool down your body is to use the palms of your hands, the bottom of your feet, and your forehead. This is because those areas have special blood vessels. Out of those, the palms of your hands are the most practical by far that’s why we call this palm cooling. 

If you cool down the palms of your hands when you have an opportunity as in rest periods between sets you can hugely improve your performance like in the mentioned studies.

Palm cooling gives a 144% increase in the number of pull-ups in 6 weeks

A study conducted at Stanford University showed that palm cooling increased the amount of pull-ups trained individuals could do by an incredible 144% in only 6 weeks. The importance of this study is that these individuals were not beginners.

Palm cooling increased bench press by 26% in 3 days

Another study also conducted at Stanford University showed a 26% increase in bench press in just 3 days with palm cooling. The subjects total work volume increased from 1,972kg to 2,480kg an increase of 508kg or 25% when palm cooling was used between sets.

Palm cooling gives a 25% increase in endurance

Another study at Stanford tested the impact of palm cooling on endurance. This showed that with palm cooling individuals could continue going on a treadmill 25% longer with palm cooling than without.

NFL play increase dips by 201% in 5 weeks with palm cooling

The NFL player Greg Clark who at the time played for San Francisco 49ers heard about palm cooling and wanted to test it out. As he were good at doing dips they tested how much he could improve his dips. 

After his first baseline test to see how many he could do without palm cooling he came back 4 days later and already then he could do 31% more repetitions with the same amount of sets. However, he could do even more sets and his total increase was 92% in only 4 days! 

He kept on coming back and applying palm cooling between each set and improved every week. After 5 weeks his total increase was 201%!

He had gone from doing 102 dips without palm cooling to 315 dips after 5 weeks with palm cooling. This is an incredible performance increase completely natural.