Burn calories and lose weight without exercise with UK's first Brown Fat activating vest

You lose weight because the vest activates your brown fat, making you burn calories and fat. You save time by using it when you are working or on the sofa

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Are you struggling to lose weight and get the body you always wanted or sick of strict diets?

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To lose weight and get a lean and sculpted body, conventional wisdom says you have to:

Sticking to boring and strict diets

Long exhausting exercise regimes

Man and woman in gym with expensive gym memberships

Expensive gym memberships

Now you can burn calories and lose weight without exercise, from the comfort of your own home

Lose weight

The Calorie Burner Vest make you lose weight without diet or exercise because it activates your brown fat

No cardio needed

No need for endless cardio to lose weight and fat

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Guaranteed results or your money back for 90-days

Accelerate your existing programme progress

Works on it's own or to accelerate any diet or exercise programme you are already using

Woman in front of laptop and man sitting on sofa wearing Prime Science Fat Burner Vest

Save time

Use the vest when you're in front of your laptop, on the sofa or anywhere you want

Save money

One-time purchase no further purchase required

BUY NOW to get the BONUS to track your results!

Guaranteed results or your money back for 90-days!

Sustainable weight loss

The vest helps you retain and build muscle making you more toned. More muscle also makes weight loss more sustainable

We know how it feels with exercise programmes and diets which doesn’t give results!

We created the Prime Science Calorie Burner vest to help you lose weight without exercise and strict diets!

What the pros and science geeks are saying about Brown Fat (BAT) and cold thermogenesis

Burning calories and losing weight has never been easier

1. Place our special gel packs in the pockets of the Calorie Burning Vest

2. Put the Calorie Burning Vest over your shoulders and make it tight with the elastic bands

3. Wear it for 1-3 hours per day. You will start burning calories right away.

4. See and feel a reduction of both weight and fat. When you have reached your target weight you can continue to use it to maintain your goal weight.

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Guaranteed results or your money back for 90-days!

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Prime Science Fat Burner Vest

Specially designed vest activating your brown fat

The vest is specially designed to activate your brown fat. This burns a lot of calories and fat

Prime Science custom ice packs

Custom ice packs

Our ice packs are custom made to ensure your brown fat is activated for as long as possible. This helps maximise your weight loss

Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest user guide

All the information you need to lose weight

You receive a start guide which includes all the information you require to lose weight. You can also contact our customer service for more support

BONUS: All you need to track progress

As a BONUS, you will also receive tracking sheets, measure tape and fat calliper to track your progress

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Our technology has been featured in

What doctors are saying about Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest

Click on the image to read the full review of the Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest by Doctor Moin Iqbal

3 simple steps to start your weight loss journey

1. Click BUY NOW

Add the vest to the cart and pay

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2. Receive package

You will receive the package within a few days. Put the ice packs in the freezer for 24 hours.

3. Start losing fat

Remove the ice packs from the freezer and put them in the pockets. Put the product on and start losing fat

How Brown Fat (also called Brown Adipose Tissue or BAT) and cold thermogenesis help you lose weight

The science behind it all

Brown Fat is primarily found around your collar bones and upper back. Brown Fat is an entirely unique type of fat that can generate heat by burning the regular white fat found on your stomach, hips and rest of your body. When you exercise, you first need to burn through what you have eaten. However, Brown Fat is different. It can immediately and directly burn white fat. It's simply put a fat-burning machine.

Studies show that people with activated Brown Fat burn up to 15% more calories 24/7. That makes a massive difference over time. One study has also demonstrated that constitutionally lean women have active Brown Fat. How would it feel to be one of those who cannot gain weight? 

By wearing the Calorie Burner Vest, you expose yourself to the type of cold that has proven to activate your Brown Fat and start burning calories and fat. When you activate your Brown Fat, you also expose yourself to cold thermogenesis, further increasing your calorie burn.

It's that simple!

Scientific studies showing the impact of Brown Fat

The impact of BAT has been shown in multiple scientific peer-reviewed studies:

BUY NOW to get the BONUS to track your results!

Guaranteed results or your money back for 90-days!

How can we help?


What is Cold Thermogenesis?

Cold Thermogenesis is a fairly new and very promising area
in fitness and weight loss. Simply put it’s the use of cold treatments to
improve your physical and mental health and body composition.

There is a range of benefits:

How much calories can I burn?

In the same way as exercise, the number of calories you can burn and, therefore, how much weight you can lose with the Calorie Burner Vest is dependent on the intensity level how often you use it. At the highest intensity level, we have increased the calorie burn by 200% for an extended amount of time.

Your body will gradually adapt to the cold and then burn more calories as a result

Low intensity (suitable for beginners)

How it feels: you will feel lightly cooled down

You can use this for several hours each day, every day of the week

We typically see a 20-30% increase in calorie burn at this intensity level


Medium intensity:

How it feels: It feels chilly, and you likely have goosebumps

You can do this for a few hours each day, every day of the week

We typically see a 30-50% increase in calorie burn at this intensity level 

High intensity:

How it feels: you are at pre-shivering levels up to full out shivering

You can do this for a few hours every day of the week

We have tested the Calorie Burner Vest in a lab and reached a 200% increase in calorie burn while sitting in a chair at this intensity level

Where do I lose fat when using the Calorie Burner Vest?

You will lose fat all over your body in the same way as with diet and exercise. The Calorie Burner Vest does not remove fat specifically at one spot. It helps you lose weight by creating a calorie deficit.

If you want to spot reduce fat please visit our page for the Fat Freezing Belt

How is it different than just sitting in a cold room?

You can definitely achieve some advantages of wearing the Calorie Burner Vest by sitting in a cold room. The room will have to be at most 15-17 degrees to get close to the intensity level you can achieve with the Calorie Burner Vest.

A huge benefit of using the Vest is that it can be used all year round regardless of outdoor temperature. During the summer months, you will struggle to reach the indoor temperatures required to impact your calorie burn significantly. If you open up windows etc., to bring down the temperature indoors during the winter, it might take a lot of energy to warm up the house or room again after your cold session. This will likely become expensive in the long run.