Prime Science - Our Story

Hi! My name is Timmy and I’m the founder of Prime Science. I’m a Swedish engineer based in London. I’ve always struggled to lose weight and some stubborn fat. Already as a child, I realised that I gained weight easily. It felt like I could gain weight just by watching some of my friends eat a pizza. This was a continuous struggle for me!

Luckily, I did play a fair bit of sports when I was a kid which did keep me in decent shape. However, when I started working on cruise ships in my early 20s I gained a lot of weight really quickly. When came home from the cruise ships at the age of 24 I looked at myself in the mirror and I really didn’t like what I saw. I was 24 and really out of shape.

I started going to the gym to get back into shape. Coming from a scientific background I started to read more about how to get in better shape. This quickly led to more knowledge around nutrition as well. Through my reading I’ve acquired these qualifications/associations:

- Personal Trainer Certification from Expert Rating

- Certificate in Nutrition from Optimum Nutrition for Health & Performance

-Affiliate Member of Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIPSA)

-Member of National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

With this knowledge, I was getting more and more strict with my diet. Still, I didn’t feel I really got the results I deserved. There was still a fair bit of fat to lose. To be honest it felt a bit unfair that I struggled so much to get the body I wanted. I also had really stubborn fat on my belly that made me very self-conscious.

Learning about cold benefits

I kept reading more to try and find out what I could do more and what type of hacks I could find to get the body I wanted. I listened to podcasts, read books and articles about health and fitness. Then at one point, I came across the book “The 4-hour body” by Tim Ferris. In the book, Tim writes about all the benefits of cold thermogenesis. He also talks about how Michael Phelps ate up to 10,000 calories per day before the Beijing Olympics where he won 8 gold medals. I thought this sounds insane, but I have to know more!

This led me into understanding more about Brown Fat or Brown Adipose Tissue as it’s also called. The most interesting study I found was one that point out that constitutionally lean women have activated brown fat at room temperature, and other women don’t. I quickly realised this is what keeps some people lean regardless of what they eat.

This led to more research regarding how I can get more Brown Fat. When researching this I learnt more about all the other benefits of cold thermogenesis.

I also came across Fat Freezing and realised that this can be the solution to my stubborn belly fat. I looked at in-clinic CoolSculpting treatments, but they were just too expensive. After studying a vast amount of research regarding Fat Freezing works in practice I understood what temperatures are required for it to work.

Creating a product that solves problems

With the knowledge I had gained I felt I might finally be able to get the body I wanted. I started to try and build something that reaches the temperature required for both Brown Fat activation and Fat Freezing. I tested a lot of different cooling methods. It was quickly clear that your run of the mill ice packs from Amazon didn’t get close to what was required. I worked with different manufacturers to get ice packs that maintain cold for long enough.

On top of getting ice packs that were cold enough, I needed to find material to apply the ice packs on the body that didn’t damage the skin. Being from Sweden I learn basic sewing skills at school and I already had a sewing machine that I used to adjust my own shirts. 😊

I drew up different designs and started testing materials.

Some tests went well, and some went not well at all leading to a few frostbites. Every mistake leading to frostbite stopped the testing for a bit. Luckily none of the mistakes led to any permanent damage. However, the term “kids don’t try this at home” is very applicable to this! 

Man standing wearing Prime Science Calorie burner vest over shoulders
Man wearing fat freezing belt on stomach, thigh and arm

After many many hours of testing and prototyping, I got what is close to what we today call the Prime Science Calorie Burner Vest and Fat Freezing Belt.

Now when you know a bit more about us and how our products came about you can rest assured that they are based on a lot of research and testing.

Thank you very much for reading!