By DR Wasif Yasin GP

Get rid of stubborn fat with Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt

Are you working out, maintaining a healthy diet, and still not able to get rid of stubborn fat on your body? Every day, a number of new procedures and products emerge in the market claiming to reduce fat from the body. Cryolipolysis more commonly known as "FAT FREEZING" is a technique that has recently gained a lot of popularity. With the availability of home-based equipment such as Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt, more convenient and economical choices are accessible.  A single in clinic fat freezing treatment can cost up to £500. 

What is Fat Freezing?

The term "Fat Freezing" does not indicate that fat cells of the body are actually frozen. Instead, the fat cells are brought to such low temperatures that they "self-destruct". In low temperatures, crystallization of fat cells takes place. Crystallization of fat cells triggers cell death (apoptosis) of the fat cells. The dead fat cells are identified by the body as waste. Ultimately, these dead fat cells in the form of waste are removed from the body by the natural process and leading to reduction in the appearance of the fat from the body (1).

How does the Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt work?

When using the Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt, the temperature of the targeted area decreases to the temperature at which fat cell death occurs (2). Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt cools the skin and stimulates self-destruction of fat cells without having any effect on the surrounding cells. This leaves the skin intact without any damage (3). The result is a reduction in the appearance of fat.

Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt and Cold Thermogenesis

One additional benefit of the Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt is its property of cold thermogenesis. The body creates heat when it is exposed to temperature below its optimum levels that is less than 98.6°F or 37°C. To create heat, the body increases its rate of metabolism, burning more calories (4).

Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt is Safe to Use

A 2015 literature review study found no side effects of fat freezing on the body’s lipid levels of the liver function with successful loss of fat (5). Since US FDA has confirmed the technique to be safe based on clinical trials as no adverse effects were observed. Moreover, the use of a belt outside the body ensures that there are no wounds (6).

Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt is Effective in reducing Stubborn Fat

With its properties of self-destruction of fat tissues and cold thermogenesis, Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt helps in the reduction of stubborn fat from your body from the comfort of your home. Various tests have been conducted to test the efficiency of the belt to achieve skin temperatures below the level of temperature required for fat freezing and found successful results.


Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt cools down your skin resulting in a tighter and firmer appearance leading to toned contours. It can be concluded that, Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt is a safe and easy-to-use fat freezing system producing effective results at a very affordable price.


DR Wasif Yasin GP

DR Wasif Yasin GP



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