Fat Freezing belts giving you the toned and sculpted body you always wanted

Giving you the body, you always wanted without diet and
exercise from the comfort of your own home

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Are you struggling to get the toned looking body you always wanted or sick of strict diets?

It doesn't have to be like that!

To get a lean sculpted body conventional wisdom says you have to:

Stick to strict diets

Long exhausting exercise regimes

Forbidden to eat food you enjoy

Now you can get the toned body you always wanted from the comfort of your own home

Save time

Use it when you're working and on the sofa

Save money

One-time purchase, no further purchase required

Sculpt your dream body

Target stubborn fat areas exercise doesn't reach

No cardio needed

No need for endless cardio to lose fat

Target your stubborn fat where you want

With the Prime Science Fat Freezing belt you can target a specific area where you want to remove fat



-Love handles


We know how it feels with exercise programmes and diets which doesn’t give results!

That’s why we created the Prime Science Fat Freezing belt to help you with that challenge!

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What doctors are saying about Prime Science Fat Freezing Belt

3 simple steps to start your fat freezing journey


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Receive package

You receive the package within a few days. Put the ice packs in the freezer for 24 hours.

Start loosing fat

Remove the ice packs from the freezer and put in the pockets. Put the product on and start loosing fat

How to use the Prime Science Fat Freezing belts

Losing fat has never been easier

1. Place our special gel packs in the pockets of the Fat Freezing Belt

2. Wrap the cold wrap tightly around the area you want to remove fat

3. Wear the belt for around 1 hour per day 3 times per week for 12 weeks. Some results might appear already after 3 weeks

4. See and feel a reduction in the amount of fat in your target area

How Fat Freezing Belts work

1. Normal fat cells before freezing treatment

2. Fat cells crystalize when treat with cold from the belts

3. Crystalized fat cells die naturally through apoptosis

4. The body naturally dispose of dead cells through the lymphatic system leading to visibly less fat at the target area

two bodies showing the impact of cold thermogenesis

Cold thermogenesis increase calorie burn

Did you know that people climbing up Mount Everest eat stacks of butter to not lose too much weight? This is because it is so cold up there that the body needs a lot of energy to keep warm. When you use the Prime Science Fat Freezing belts you have a very similar effect. The body needs more energy to keep warm. 

This leads to an increase in calorie burn leading to general weight loss. Even though you do achieve this from wearing the Fat Freezing Belt it is not a significant amount of calories. The primary benefit of the belt is the targeted removal at your chosen area.